Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wyoming Limestone Climbing

After the Slickrock debacle, B and I visited Nick and Jenn in Denver, before meeting up with Brendan, Chloe and Sky in Lander, Wyoming for some climbing.  I was still in a weak funk after the race, so I barely managed to walk up the hill to the crag each day.  After 5 days in Lander we said goodbye to our friends and headed off to Tensleep, Wyoming on our own.   Tensleep is my favorite Limestone climbing on Earth.  My recovery continued there and I felt good enough to do some 5.11's and 5.12's- plus do a little running.  We saw a nice herd of elk and a black bear.  Third year in a row for a Tensleep trip.  Next year will be four...

Brendan flashes the incredible "KILLER" 5.12c.

Sky cheers him on.

Chloe works the technical "Blue Moon" 5.12a

"I'm a Snake"

Sinks Canyon is pretty countrty.  Brendan on a 5.11d.

B pulls a small roof.

Alpenglow over Tensleep Canyon.

I start up a 5.12

Feeling the late October cold in the Bighorns.

Relaxing at our Tensleep Camp on our last night.  Big fire, beer, Nutella, Gin Rummy.

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