Friday, February 28, 2014

The greatest race ever run

If you have never seen this race and don't know the outcome, please don't look it up or click ahead to watch the finish.  Just watch it.  It lasts only 1 min 45 secs.

First...Get psyched up like it is your own race day.   Today, you "the nobody," will be racing in the Olympics.  Nobody knows you and you are written off as a fluke who doesn't belong here.  However, you know something they don't know.  It's time to show them what you have been building while the world had its eyes on bigger and better things.  What you built day after day in the heat, wind, snow and rain.  Today is the day and you will show them all.

Finally, the time has arrived and the gun goes off.  You have waited patiently for months, now you will wait one more lap, THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN...

We may all be nobodies now, but as this race proves- even Napoleon Dynamite from Canton, Ohio in a goofy painters cap can be the best in the world one day, on the biggest stage.

Now I'm off to train with fire and purpose.  May we all have our Dave Wottle day just once before we die.  Yours might just be today.

Happy training,