Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A winter in the hills and canyons

A snippet of my training since January.  I've been off the grid.  Hungry for adventure in 2014.

Rapid River West Fork.  One four-hour run here each week.

Glassing hundreds of elk.

B skating in a local relay.  Their team was the Nordic Ninjas.

Wind River Trail and the Bouillon Mine Trail above the Salmon River, just east of Riggins, ID.

Wind River Bridge over the Salmon River.

Sergeants Mountain (North Brundage Peak, 7800'-ish) just after the new year.

Fall Creek Summit with the Crestline Trail running north. This is the heart of the IMTUF 100 course.

Brandi and her girlfriends skate skiing to Burgdorf in January.  They ski 21 miles to the Hot Springs.  Party it up with various libations.  Then, ski 21 miles back home the next day.  This old forest road is the start and finish of IMTUF 100, just a 1/4 mile from Burgdorf.

B, earning turns on a cold Brundage morning.
Another awesome day in the Canyons.

Robie Kitty.  Rollin in swag.

Shell-shocked and hypothermic after 5 hours and 11k vertical.  Skinning and skiing at Tamarack on a miserable -10F day.

Happy times with Miss Molly at Rapid River.


Molly will be in Nepal...walking across it for the next few months.  She should be ready to rip IMTUF a new one when she gets back home.  Strength and Honor young lady