Thursday, April 12, 2012

Training Update

Ramping up the long runs to the 5+ hour range and getting over 6K vertical.  Thankfully, my buddy Matt has been game to keep me focused and working hard.  He will do well in his first ultras this year.

Climbing Whitebird Ridge.  About 2000 feet in 3 miles.  Good to get some sun exposure in our vitamin D deprived bodies.
The 4 mile bridge, Brandi and Katie.

The Seven Devils in Spring conditions.  The beard in full on, epic, ZZ Top condition!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I won Killian Jornet's Shoes

KJ's shoes!  This shoe has a hand drawn profile of the Western States course with notes from KJ himself.  There are only 106 pairs of these in the world and all are size 9- my size.  Nevermind they are made by the evil Salomon empire, hellbent on world domination:)...they look sweet and fast.  Maybe I will have them bronzed.

To get the shoes, I won a Running Times photo contest with this pic of my lovely wife Brandi: