Thursday, April 5, 2012

I won Killian Jornet's Shoes

KJ's shoes!  This shoe has a hand drawn profile of the Western States course with notes from KJ himself.  There are only 106 pairs of these in the world and all are size 9- my size.  Nevermind they are made by the evil Salomon empire, hellbent on world domination:)...they look sweet and fast.  Maybe I will have them bronzed.

To get the shoes, I won a Running Times photo contest with this pic of my lovely wife Brandi:


  1. How do they fit? True to size? Feel good?

  2. I think I like them. They fit like my size 9 MT101's- tight heel through arch, then nice open toe box. I think they are true to size. It is clear that they are made with uncompromising quality. Just gorgeous! Silky liners would be awesome for sockless running.

    I have only tried them on so far. I'm just not sure I want to run in them. They will be of minimal utility to me and they are such a nice collector's item. Salomon also threw in a Skin Pro Pack 10+3 and a Killian's Quest DVD.

    Who knows, I may break them out some day if I want a change of pace from my Scott eRide Grips.