Thursday, April 12, 2012

Training Update

Ramping up the long runs to the 5+ hour range and getting over 6K vertical.  Thankfully, my buddy Matt has been game to keep me focused and working hard.  He will do well in his first ultras this year.

Climbing Whitebird Ridge.  About 2000 feet in 3 miles.  Good to get some sun exposure in our vitamin D deprived bodies.
The 4 mile bridge, Brandi and Katie.

The Seven Devils in Spring conditions.  The beard in full on, epic, ZZ Top condition!


  1. That is quite the face fro.

  2. Yeah, quite the contrast to my clean shaven-ness. We must look like quite the odd couple to the rare hiker we encounter. On this day, we bumped into some good ol' boys elk antler hunting. They had at least 10 huge racks on a dolly, toting it up the canyon, weighing probably 200+ lbs. They looked at my compression socks and spandex shorts with suspicion. It's pretty strange what you can see in the wilds of Idaho.