Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McCall Trailrunning Classic and lots of mountain adventures

Wow...an amazing couple of weeks.  Lots to spray talk about to catch up.  I'll let the pics do most of the 'splainin'.

Joelle Vaught en route to her overall win in the 40 Miler.

Working the Lake Fork trail in the weeks before the race.  Pete Rose Brandi.  I point and laugh.

Boulder Mountain Summit Ridge.  

Pinzgauer.  This thing made the race possible.  Thanks to David Carey and JMR for letting me drive this thing around.

Crossing East Fork of Lake Fork on the 40 mile course.  Chainsaw to cut deadfall from the trail.

Matt clearing the way.
Matt's legendary flexibility.

Running up the Snowslide trail on the IMTUF 100 course.

Above Snowslide Lake heading for Snowslide Pass.

Matt scrambling on the Sawtooth Summit Ridge.

Matt topping out on Snowslide Peak during a big peak-bagging day.

Snowslide Peak.

Snowslide Peak with Snowslide lake below.

Matt descends from Snowslide Pass
An enormous week of training.  Peaks, volume, vert and speed work.  PR's on Boulder Peak via Lake Fork (1:13) and Granite Peak (32:00).  A giant vertical day on Pollock Mountain.  Easily my most productive week ever.  Finished with a 30 mile loop of the Seven Devils in a PR time of 5:29- running every step.  Camera is dead, so no pics to go along with some of these runs.