Friday, April 29, 2011

Weiser River Trail 50K pregame

Tomorrow is a flat (actually slightly downhill) and very fast 50K.  My first ever 50K.  Weather looks good and will be between 40-50 degrees during the run.  I only know about 8 miles of the course, but it seems pretty simple.  Stay on the gravel bike path by the river.  BRB will be out there too for her first 50K.  I got some solid nutrition beta from Scott Jaime about EFS products, which I will be trying for this race.  Electrolytes have always been a problem in the faster races for me, so the added NA, CL, K, MG, etc should help me.  I only ran 3 miles this week and 6 the week before in Red Rocks because of nagging knee and shin issues.  I did get some good approach and descent hikes in though.  I am feeling pretty good except for a solid and painful knot in my lower back/piriformis area.  I think Robie's downhill at 5 min/mile is to blame.  Oh well, when the gun goes off that sort of thing usually fades away and a million other pains take its place.  I will be sporting my funny shoes as I did at Robie.  They seem to help keep me glued together.  I need to hold it together for this race and build up for the Pokey.  Time to fly...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Race to Robie Creek

Ouch.  10 days later and things are still not right.  It has been almost 20 years since I factored in the outcome of a race.  Much different than running to finish.  8th out of 2500 is a big step at a distance far too short for me.  Let's see if I can get a fitness bump for my efforts and put it to use later this year.
Post run we took it easy for a week of rock climbing in Red Rocks.  I ran 6 miles last week total.  Taking it easy for the 50K this weekend.  It will be nice to race close to home.  Check out my cushy shoes.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hell's Canyon 50+

25+ miles out and back on the Snake River.  Pittsburg Landing to Granite Creek and back.  Hot and sunny day after a long cold McCall winter.  Drank gallons of ice cold meltwater from the numerous creeks I crossed.  Did not take enough calories and was happy to accept a protein bar from a boater that powered the last 13 miles strong.  Plus, the good folks at the Kirkwood Ranch saw the crusty salty state of my skin and offered a dissolvable electrolyte tab.  I sat and chatted with them a while in their amazing little cabin by the river and drank the Nuun juice.  It was delicious chai/lemon and the last 5+ miles were run a little faster because of it.  Thanks again.  I was happy to see BRB waiting at the truck and my emotions rolled out as ususal when I finish an ultra.  B busted out nearly 20 miles of her own and then drove us home as I dozed in zombie state of fitful dreaming sleep.  Great day.

                         About 8,000 feet of relief in the pic.  Deepest canyon in North America.