Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hell's Canyon 50+

25+ miles out and back on the Snake River.  Pittsburg Landing to Granite Creek and back.  Hot and sunny day after a long cold McCall winter.  Drank gallons of ice cold meltwater from the numerous creeks I crossed.  Did not take enough calories and was happy to accept a protein bar from a boater that powered the last 13 miles strong.  Plus, the good folks at the Kirkwood Ranch saw the crusty salty state of my skin and offered a dissolvable electrolyte tab.  I sat and chatted with them a while in their amazing little cabin by the river and drank the Nuun juice.  It was delicious chai/lemon and the last 5+ miles were run a little faster because of it.  Thanks again.  I was happy to see BRB waiting at the truck and my emotions rolled out as ususal when I finish an ultra.  B busted out nearly 20 miles of her own and then drove us home as I dozed in zombie state of fitful dreaming sleep.  Great day.

                         About 8,000 feet of relief in the pic.  Deepest canyon in North America.

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