Friday, April 29, 2011

Weiser River Trail 50K pregame

Tomorrow is a flat (actually slightly downhill) and very fast 50K.  My first ever 50K.  Weather looks good and will be between 40-50 degrees during the run.  I only know about 8 miles of the course, but it seems pretty simple.  Stay on the gravel bike path by the river.  BRB will be out there too for her first 50K.  I got some solid nutrition beta from Scott Jaime about EFS products, which I will be trying for this race.  Electrolytes have always been a problem in the faster races for me, so the added NA, CL, K, MG, etc should help me.  I only ran 3 miles this week and 6 the week before in Red Rocks because of nagging knee and shin issues.  I did get some good approach and descent hikes in though.  I am feeling pretty good except for a solid and painful knot in my lower back/piriformis area.  I think Robie's downhill at 5 min/mile is to blame.  Oh well, when the gun goes off that sort of thing usually fades away and a million other pains take its place.  I will be sporting my funny shoes as I did at Robie.  They seem to help keep me glued together.  I need to hold it together for this race and build up for the Pokey.  Time to fly...

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