Thursday, February 21, 2013

Desert Fun

While McCall remains locked in the ice, B and I took a trip to the desert for some running and climbing.  Got in some really good training days and I feel like I got a strong jump start from the sun, heat and altitude.  This week, I put in 91 miles with 17,700 gain.  For the first time since my injury, I began to "challenge" some hills and push the pace in places.  Everything seems in order- taking the rocky and steep climbs and drops in stride.  The Grand Canyon got hit with a big snow dump right before we wanted to visit, so the R2R2R was not to be.  Next time for sure.  Hopefully, very soon.

Turtlehead Peak looking down on the Calico Hills and Vegas in the distance.

Warming up for our Thunderbird Park hike with the Rhode's kids- my cousins.  Glendale, AZ.
I tried to tell them that static stretching before the run is passe, but they are old school.

White Tanks Park.

B climbing up Mesquite Canyon in White Tanks.
Cool washes in the canyons.

Finishing up my run at White Tanks.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

20 weeks...

Another solid week in the books.  Things are progressing nicely and my body is settling into the higher volume routine.  All pains are being kept at bay with diligent therapies and disciplined pacing with liberal warm-ups and cool-downs.  I'm pulling out all the stops and doing all the things I need to do to keep it rolling.  All the things I used to complain about and make excuses not to do during the other 22 hours of the day not spent running.  I've never averaged over 40 miles a week, but this is what I've been building toward since I started training in early 2011.  

Next week we will be in the Nevada and Arizona deserts visiting family, rock climbing, running and Vitamin  Might try for some big game running if weather is right.  Break out of the regimented script and go for it a bit.  

Where's Waldo?  Easy to get lost in this kind of terrain.  Look for the green speck striding out like a Kenyan;)

Lush Rapid River, green as always.  B training for Pocatello.
B shooting some cooldown/shakeout footage on the Rapid River Road.  Love the SCOTT All Mountain Tech shirt.  

This magic recovery water was ice about a mile upstream.  Whatever it takes.
Pain R Good, as the Old Man would say.

With the lack of recent snow and frosty temps, I've been able to run to Brundage Summit  lately.  Big time early season altitude and vert bonus.  

Monday-Sunday 2/10/13.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back at it...

Jim Jones Koolaid hill.  The classic 600' in .72 mile interval hill.  Just right to build monster cardio power.   Easy/Granny gear slogging for now.

After Bandera, I took a week of total sloth.  Were talking about naps every day, Playstation for hours at a time and gluttonous eating. Total embrace of the American way.

Then...I started running.  14 days have passed and I have run every day- usually twice.  I am using total discipline to keep the intensity low and just build the base.  Lots of strength training and flexibility work in there too, plus a few hours of pool running with the jog belt.  Exciting stuff.  Body is really happy with me for giving it rest, basically mid-November to late-January.  This week of 30's F and sun felt almost like summer after the bitter January we had.  Things are lookin' up.

Plus, Chief Meteorologist Phil has delivered his state of the art forecast predicting an earlier spring.  Groundhog day holds special sentiment for me.  It was, for some unknown reason, my father's date to begin preparing for anything.  It was his new year.  If he had anything big on the horizon, Feb 2 was the kickoff.

Significant Groundhog Days in the Humphrey Hall of Fame
Dad quit smoking and began running on 2/2/85- just 3 months before my first run at age 5.
Dad started training for his first Marathon (Pittsburgh, May 1987).  Every subsequent marathon he ran began with a 2/2 launch.
Denali expeditions (April/May 2004, 2005) most definitely began prep on 2/2.

Thus, on 2/2 my training was officially and ceremoniously underway.  With an early spring coming to the Idaho mountains, it is clear that Phil knows I need my trails to melt out.  He knows I need downhill quads of steel to get to Auburn and treadmills and road running won't get me there.  He recognizes the homage my family has paid to February 2nd, and is now pulling for me at Western.  Maybe Phil can do something about the boiling heat in the American River Canyon as I move through there in June.

Last 14 days.   Less miles and more vert in the near future.

Rapid River.  Calf is finally feeling strong enough to climb the steepest of the steeps.  I did 2 climbs that were over 1200'+ vertical per mile.  Too bad the snow line is hanging low right now.  Can't get much past 4K' until this warm front moves through.  Great to get some sun and run some actual trail.

Cruisin through the canyon on the way back toward the Fish Hatchery/Trailhead.  Love the big limestone.  Reminds me of  some great climbing areas in Wyoming.
T2K autumn 2013 colorway.  This might be the only pair in existence right now.  Thanks for the hook-up SCOTT!  This color is much faster than the Spring 2013 blue/orange.   
Ice Road Truckin' #1.  I shot this series during my lonely marathon this week on the flats of Long Valley, just south of McCall.  Hard to see all those peaks up there and know I'll have to wait 4-5 more months to get after them.

Ice Road Truckin' #2
Ice Road Truckin' #3
Ice Road Truckin' #4.  Mounted my wedding ring to a leather necklace.  It was ripping into my finger while shoveling, climbing, doing pullups...any kind of manly guy stuff.