Thursday, February 21, 2013

Desert Fun

While McCall remains locked in the ice, B and I took a trip to the desert for some running and climbing.  Got in some really good training days and I feel like I got a strong jump start from the sun, heat and altitude.  This week, I put in 91 miles with 17,700 gain.  For the first time since my injury, I began to "challenge" some hills and push the pace in places.  Everything seems in order- taking the rocky and steep climbs and drops in stride.  The Grand Canyon got hit with a big snow dump right before we wanted to visit, so the R2R2R was not to be.  Next time for sure.  Hopefully, very soon.

Turtlehead Peak looking down on the Calico Hills and Vegas in the distance.

Warming up for our Thunderbird Park hike with the Rhode's kids- my cousins.  Glendale, AZ.
I tried to tell them that static stretching before the run is passe, but they are old school.

White Tanks Park.

B climbing up Mesquite Canyon in White Tanks.
Cool washes in the canyons.

Finishing up my run at White Tanks.


  1. The white tanks are awesome. Heidi's parents lived in Surprise, AZ before her dad retired and I had the pleasure of hitting those same desert mountain trails you did a few times myself while we visited. Happy anniversary to the two of you, BTW!

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