Sunday, February 10, 2013

20 weeks...

Another solid week in the books.  Things are progressing nicely and my body is settling into the higher volume routine.  All pains are being kept at bay with diligent therapies and disciplined pacing with liberal warm-ups and cool-downs.  I'm pulling out all the stops and doing all the things I need to do to keep it rolling.  All the things I used to complain about and make excuses not to do during the other 22 hours of the day not spent running.  I've never averaged over 40 miles a week, but this is what I've been building toward since I started training in early 2011.  

Next week we will be in the Nevada and Arizona deserts visiting family, rock climbing, running and Vitamin  Might try for some big game running if weather is right.  Break out of the regimented script and go for it a bit.  

Where's Waldo?  Easy to get lost in this kind of terrain.  Look for the green speck striding out like a Kenyan;)

Lush Rapid River, green as always.  B training for Pocatello.
B shooting some cooldown/shakeout footage on the Rapid River Road.  Love the SCOTT All Mountain Tech shirt.  

This magic recovery water was ice about a mile upstream.  Whatever it takes.
Pain R Good, as the Old Man would say.

With the lack of recent snow and frosty temps, I've been able to run to Brundage Summit  lately.  Big time early season altitude and vert bonus.  

Monday-Sunday 2/10/13.  


  1. This is VERY good news! I'm super happy to see you bringing all you've got to the table for training....self discipline, heart (2/2) and a lot of sweat :)

  2. Thanks King Amy. Really hard to hold back the excitement, but must with so much time until Statesmas. What projects are you working on now?

  3. #1 In 2013 I'm signing up for one event at a time. If something fills up before I'm ready to commit, then so be it. I gotta do it that way this year. Last year I felt owned. This year, I'm in charge!

    #2 Antelope Island (Buffalo Run) 100 is 4 weeks from today. Fun training right now. I haven't burned out and that's always a delicate balance and I feel like everything has been churning and working like it should....mentally, physically, spiritually.

    A little secret (not REALLY a secret) my teenage son who is a extraordinary basketball player and on-off runner, decided to run track this year. First practice is today. I'm secretly trying to not freak out with excitement but he's so explosive and could really do some stuff IF HE DECIDES TO WORK ON IT. Holding back excitement is not one of my forte's. OK, that was a long answer to one question. :) ha!

    1. 17 days out...ready?

      As you know running can't be faked or forced. If he gets all tingly thinking about pushing himself to the edge, then it will happen. He has good parents to show him the way. Something will catch his eye and harness the talent. Thankfully my Dad exposed me to running early. He got a little carried away with it and the pressure of it forced me out by 7th grade, along with injuries. However, the seed was planted and continued to grow during my 20 year absence from being a "real" runner. The purity and grit of running stands in amazingly stark contrast to the softness and coddling of the rest of our iPod/Pad/Phone world. It touches a piece of us that goes back to the Savannah. Real humanity. Show him THAT. Not just a regimen of running around in a circular track...but instead show him THIS IS WHAT HUMANS DO. If that is the takeaway, then he will be a lifer. At some point, even if it is in his fourties, he will shove himself away from a desk somewhere and feel the urge to do something real. Running will be there for him.