Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 IMTUF 100 in Pictures

A full report to come after the cleanup and loose ends get tied.  Just a few pics from the incomparable Michael Lebowitz at Long Run Pictures for a flavor of the weekend:

One big, happy family.  Side note: One of those dilapidated shacks was home to Carole King while she wrote some of her biggest hits.  The history of Burgdorf is fascinating.  Google it.

Ice cold start.  A few brave souls sport bare legs.

Old man winter.  My man, Matty Tock.

"Raphael is cool but crude- Michelangelo is a party dude."  Eric Lee employs the teachings of Master Splinter. 

Debbie Kumasaka is TUF.  Now Four 100 mile finishes in the last 6 weeks.  Incredible.

Seth Swanson cruising along the Secesh River Trail early on.

Brandi and Katie with Crew Chief Casey.

Gotta love old, rustic Burgdorf.

Randy Benthin and pacer Jason Leman late in the race.  Randy moonlights as a bare knuckles boxing champion.

The best runner in Idaho...Joelle Vaught.  Her pacee Ryan Lund was a lucky guy to share the trail with this phenomenal talent.

Super strong and steady...Wayne Rancourt enjoys the Hot Springs after the race.

B looks strong leaving Snowslide, gobbling more pizza.  A slightly more grim scenario next time she was seen at Lake Fork Trailhead.

A sly Seth Swanson looks like he is stealing this one to take back to Montana.  

Another workman-like outing for Pocatello hardman Kelly Lance.  2nd Place and rock solid.  Happy to call this guy my friend.  His beautiful family made our event that much nicer.

Mike James bears down as he descends the Victor Creek Trail.  His first DNF of the day would be at the Upper Payette Lake aid a few miles later.  Like a Pheonix, he would rise again and "rally" for 30 more miles before succumbing to a brutal cough.  Sorry for the tough day, but a little bit of Mike James in your race is better than no Mike James at all.

An emotional finish as Emily Berriochoa wins her first 100 Miler.  She came on like a freight train and would not be denied.  She paid her dues as a back-of-packer but found her fire and commands respect for such a gutty showing.

Christine Kollar finishes with her crew and pacers Tim and John.  Love this pic.

Dennis "The Legend" Ahern shows cat-like prowess across Lake Fork Creek at Snowslide aid station.

Hardest working guy in Ultras, Michael Lebowitz.


Seth Swanson and pacer Justin Yates dominate the night.

Be strong Mr. Burden.  We will see you next year.