Tuesday, July 29, 2014

McCall Brewing Company and Training Update: July 22-28

McCall Brewery has been my favorite restaurant and brew house since we moved to Idaho in 2010. They have been a solid supporter of our mountain races since 2012, donating many-a-keg to the delight of our thirsty runners.  Now, I am thrilled to announce that the MBC will be my "Official Ale and Cheeseburger Sponsor."  I'd like to thank Owner Louis Klinge for his support and belief in what I am trying to do. 

Here's how I hit up the MBC.
1. Run all day.  Barely make it back to the truck.  Drive to town.
2. Try to remember a clean shirt and splash the salt off my face in a stream.
3. A 1/2 lb KO'd Burger medium rare, fries and a pint while sitting on their rooftop patio deck overlooking Payette Lake and pink alpenglow on the Crestline. 
4. Recovery is accomplished.  Ready to train again tomorrow.  Look at some mountains and get psyched for another adventure.

The line up.  Minimalist Bane IPA is my standard.  Devious Intent Imperial Stout if I'm feeling stout.  Lemon Ginger Hef for refreshment.  Mackinaw Red for malty sweet and balanced.  They often have several more beers on tap in the restaurant.  They are bottling and selling beers around Idaho now.  Delicious...All of them. 

Training Update: July 22-28

82 miles running
40 miles mountain biking
25,200' climbing/descent

Key Sessions:
July 22: Brundage Cat Track.  30 seconds hard, 60 seconds easy.  All the way up the mountain.
July 23: Track.  5x1000m with 2 mins standing rest.  Last 1K went at 2:50.
July 27: Granite Mountain 2x hard.  Biked 20 miles home in 90 degree F heat.
July 28:  32 miles on the IMTUF 100 course.  Victor, Ruby, Nethker/Bear Pete.  90 degrees F. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training Update, McCall Trailrunning Classic and more

Training July 14-20, 2014:

95 miles, 25,000' vert
3 mountain runs 18-22 miles with fast finish of last 4-8 miles.   
3 PR's of training run segments ranging from 2.7 to 7.5 miles.


The 3rd Annual McCall Trailrunning Classic 10/20/40 races were a few Saturday's ago (Hardrock Day).  Two weeks of all-out physical and mental laboring for Brandi and I as race directors, with tons of help from so many friends and volunteers.  We had many miles of trails to clear, prizes to make, rosters, food, volunteers, sponsors, etc.  Always so much more than I remember doing the year before.  RD'ing is grueling work, but so rewarding.  We grew a bit more this year to around 275 entrants.  The weather was great and the course was in its best condition yet.  We had two McCall locals win the 40 miler.  In the Women's race, McCall's Yadi Spangenberg held off Carolyn Goluza from British Columbia.  In the Men's race, Nampa's Jake Perry led from the wire while McCall's Andrew Armstrong tracked him down.  Andrew caught him with about 8 miles to go and they ran together to within a quarter mile of the finish.  Andrew punched it to secure the victory.  The party lasted until the last runners were through the finish.  Great day. 

It is such a relief to be done with all that so we can go for a run without a big pack, work pants and a chainsaw.  The summer running season is in full swing now and we are getting after it.  Here's a few pics from behind the scenes...

Matty, Katie, Brandi and I on an all-day trailwork binge in the Lake Fork drainage. 

Lodgepole Pine "tree cookie" plaques for all finishers.  I cranked out about 300 this year!  Is "sawdust lung" a real thing?

Matty, McCall and I checking on a possible new addition to the race for next year?  Sickness!

Louie Lake.
The new logo is BOSS.  "Griffin" the Goshawk presides over the emblem.   He's waiting for a moment of inattention to pluck the scalps from the little runners under his wings.  He laid low this year, but we've not seen the last of old Griffin.
Other highcountry fun...

Sawtooth Peak.   Lugging a heavy sack of rocks.

Lava Lakes Trail to Hershey Point.  First time out there.  Not my last time for sure.  Great run! 

Bear Grass in full bloom.

Sometimes you just don't need to question which way to go.