Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Plans

This morning, I did my first "exercise" in exactly 2 months.  I skied up to the top of Brundage Mountain, gaining 1600' in just over a mile in 30 easy minutes.  I skied back down on a fresh few inches of powder.  I drove home.  No big deal.  Everything felt fine.  The broken hip made no protest the entire time.  If I feel no soreness, I may try again tomorrow.

I have been giving some thought to my 2015 season.  Here are some tentative plans.  The early season stuff is completely contingent on steady and rapid improvement in my health.  This year, I will be completely disinterested in improving at running, and instead just seeking big adventures.  My biggest gains have come from this approach anyway.  Why fight it?

February:  Finish laying my new hardwood floor and some other home projects.  Ski a bunch and start some gym workouts with treadmill and stepmill walking, biking, and deep water running (DWR). 
March 7th:  1st run in 3 months.  Lots of antler shed hunting at Rapid River.
Early April:  Florida trip with Brandi.  Some beach running and fishing in the ocean.
April 18: Robie Creek 1/2 Marathon.  Likely to not happen for me this year.
April 25: Grand Canyon R2R2R.  For time if I'm fit...just for fun if not.
July 11: Hardrock 100 (on waitlist, but planning to go and be ready to run or volunteer/pace)
July 18th:  Direct the McCall Trailrunning Classic with Brandi
July 25:  The Real Crestline (McCall, ID- 20+mi) attempt
August 1: Idaho 12,000ers attempt
Mid-August: Grand Sawtooth Loop (Stanley, ID- 65mi)
Aug 30-September 30: Elk Hunting
September 19:  Direct IMTUF100 with Brandi
September26:  maybe a hundred miler???
October:  Little bit more hunting, lots of wood chopping, maybe one more race if I didn't race in September.
November:  Run the trails until they are buried.  Finish gathering wood.
December:  Zero exercise.