Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slickrock 100 Manifesto

The mountains have been run, the speedwork logged, the wood is chopped and hunting season is over.  It's time to get down to business.  Tomorrow B and I will drive to Moab to attempt my second 100 miler- the Slickrock 100.  This time I am actually a runner with actual training.  It is exciting to know that this may not change a thing.  It still comes down to guts and pain tolerance.   Will I rise to the occasion?

There are a few big guns making the desert trip: namely Glen Redpath and Ben Hian.  Both are strongly experienced and honed in the 100 mile distance.  It will be an honor to toe the line with such champions.  There are certainly other greats in the field, but the final list of entrants is not yet available. 

Regardless of who races, my goal is "distaster style," leaving nothing in the tank.  I am tired of being a finisher.  In so many races I have allowed fear of the unknown to hold me back, only to race the last several miles with too much juice.  In this one, success will be defined by mastery of my mind, not by place.  I will not settle.  If I crash and burn, I will do so with a smile.

For my Father,
Strength and Honor

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