Saturday, October 29, 2011

IMTUF 100 Mile Recon

Bloody Ben  and I have decided to put our heads together and direct a real mountain 100 on my home turf in McCall.  As the days of sunshine dwindle, I am scrambling to explore every possible "nook and cranny" of the peaks to deliver only the finest for our race.   Here is a little sampling of what I have unearthed of late...

Payette Lake today.  The Crestline Trail towers above to the west.  

War Eagle Lookout above Burgdorf

Chimney Rock near War Eagle Lookout

Burgdorf Hot Spring

Bull Moose

Beaver Dam Peak on the Crestline Trail as seen from Snowslide Trail

Snowslide Lake with the towering granite walls of the North Face of Snowslide Peak.
Alpine enough for you?
Snowslide Lake and Crestline Trail peaks in the distance to the west.

Fitsum Peak?  Never seen this view before.  Looking east from Snowslide saddle.

Standard 15 mile "Runting" trip.  High on the Boulder Mountain alpine pack trail.   

Awesome views of the McCall area and Long Valley.

B heading for Boulder Mountain summit.

B ponders the amazing Anderson Lake below Boulder Mountain.

B chugging along as the Lick Creek Range spills out behind her.

Blazing gold Tamaracks rival anything I remember from my days back east.  Almost to the truck...


  1. It's starting to take shape and it's going to be epic. At least 6 high mountain passes- all very runnable. Likely 23-25K of gain. Bring your climbing legs.