Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Blessing and a Curse

I am supposed to be tapering for my 100 this Saturday.  Fat chance with Bloody Ben in town.  With limited time together, we set to work plotting our big project for next fall: IMTUF100.

Saturday I did some 400's at the track before Ben's arrival.  In the PM we ran Granite Mountain.  Sunday we hit the big alpine of the Little French Creek area for a bushwhack and some jogging totaling 24-ish miles and around 6K of vertical in 7+ hours- with about 800 calories to eat.  My goal is to do nothing for the next 6 days but eat.  I need a taper from my taper.

This is what a trail runner gets for even contemplating running on a road.

Hazard Lake in its autumn glory.  Hard Butte rises to the west.

Wolf hunter's camp.  We would see him several hours later and get a demo of his dying rabbit call.

Le Petit Francais.  North Face of Bruin Mountain looms above.

Hot dogging on Center Ridge.  After 4hrs+, we finally get to run some trail.

BB heading for the pasta, elk burgers and fruit we stashed in the truck.  His head bobs among the Seven Devils on the distant horizon.

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  1. I will be volunteering in Moab- see you out there! Not sure on current trail conditions but you will be fine with a decent trail shoe. Best of luck!