Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Old Man"

 "My Old Man is a legend, he cast a shadow so great. 
I think of how he is watching with every move that I make."
 Cassin Ridge of Denali, 2004.    

 Neil Young's version of Old Man is timeless and probably my favorite song ever.  However, it seems that Redlight King wrote his version about me and my Old Man and set it to a beat that makes me hit the throttle and keep it in the red- full body chills and adrenaline every time.  We all need a power song.  Matt Carpenter had this one on repeat at Leadville: one is mine:

Redlight King "Old Man" 
Growin’ up at the track
He had a reason for being fast
His heart felt like breaking
He’d look right up at the ceiling and
Start again, never breathe a word of his loss
Cause it’s not about winning
It’s the rivers you cross
And the pain that you feel
Could be the fuel that you use
And if you’re in need of direction
Be it the path that you choose
My old man is a legend
He cast a shadow so great
I think of how he is watchin’
With every move that I make...

Now there’s no slowin’ down
There’s only settin’ the pace
No more dreams to be stolen
Just the right ones to chase
You’ve been through the worst
Now you know who to trust
Leave them something behind
Before the ashes and dust

Old man look at my life
Old man look at my life
Old man, old man take a look at my life
cause I’m a lot like you...


  1. Damn man. I love Neil's version... but that remix is bad ass!
    Here's my current power song-
    No, I'm not Scottish.

  2. +1 what Lucho said. I was actually thinking that I needed to mention this one to him on our next jog. He beat me to it. Scots or whatever, the pipes bring it. I saw a 17 Eagle Scout in my son's troop play the pipes recently at a Court of Honor and ... well. And.

    Dude, scalps ... take em come the last 30 into Auburn. THAT is where it is made.

    And BTW, you helped me lose 30 minutes of screwing around on Youtube with all that 8 mile rap battle crap.

    1. Scalps, check. Scorched earth, Sherman's March, Blitzkrieg.

      Hopefully you were at work passing that time. Extra Credit Youtube Search List:
      1. Lancing giant pimple
      2. Lonely Island
      3. Harlem Shake
      4. Oh Long Johnson Cat
      That should be good for a full day;)