Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brundage 5X

5 Laps up the 1640' climb to the 7640' Brundage Summit.  Used several different routes up and down, but kept it very steep all day.  24.5 miles with 8500' vertical- ran every step and stayed on all day 100 mile effort- climbing at about 10-11+ min pace, descending at 8-9 min pace.  The descents were brutal, as I chose to go straight down the overgrown ski runs to save time and get to the climbs faster.  4:14 overall with some stoppage time at the car to refill my bottle.  Ate 5 VFuels in a flask and had 1 and 1/2 VESPA Ultra Concentrates, plus some other fruits and kefir.  Felt a little off on 3rd ascent, but the VESPA kicked in and I rallied.  Solid run in 70+ Deg "heat" and sun.  Finished wanting to go more.  

Last 7 days: 90 miles, 25K' gain, 1 day off.

Almost there.


  1. Well done sir! You're crazy fit.

  2. Thanks, Coach. Yes...crazy...and fit.

  3. Gonna turn some heads in 3.5 weeks.

    Not sure what kind of heat you're getting out there at the moment, but now's the time to be layering up on those easy runs, if you're not already.

    I'll be out in Squaw the Weds before the race, so if you're around and want to get together for a jog to talk through course details, I'd be happy to offer any tips I might have.

    Keep on it (but get to that start line fresh).

  4. Hopefully those turning heads are the ones beyond Foresthill. Before that, I'm not experienced enough to try to dictate the race. I'm sure these fast 50 milers will be pushing at their normal breakneck pace. After Foresthill, let's not make the heads turn...let's make them roll! You've hinted this is your last "serious" chance at Western. If so, give them one to remember. In 2010 you picked a fight with Killian. Man, I wish I could have a moment like that. No settling, win or lose, just running wild. I love the video of you catching Hal on Cal Street. "Here comes Hal in 4th...who's that guy...that snuck up on me." Classic.

    Heat is building into the high-70's and low-80's this week. A rarity for my area in early June. I've been wearing the heat suit all winter, especially in the gym. I busted it out yesterday for a run in the mid-70's- no problems so far.

    I will be around all race week with my wife Brandi. Not sure where I'm staying, prolly camping somewhere. Where's that dirt pile Roes is squatting on in "Unbreakable?" The one where they show him eating a can of tomatoes, then they cut away to Hal eating tenderloins and drinking wine? I want to sleep in that dirt. Nah, seriously, I was thinking of French Meadows Res. I camped there in April and it was nice. Is that a reasonable set up? Let's do a run. I don't know shit about running, so I am all ears when a master of the sport has anything to say to me.


  5. Geoff camped somewhere up high to acclimate to the 'high country' section of the course, if I remember correctly. Don't know a whole lot about the camping options out there, as I always stay reasonably close to the start, but the snow course down by the reservoir runs by a bunch of campsites, so I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out.

    I don't know the first thing about running either, so maybe we can just make shit up and convince each other that we know what we're talking about. It's what I've been doing for the last 10 years.

    Anyways, we'll be camping somewhere west of SLC on the Tuesday night, so should be into town in reasonable time on Weds. Maybe plan on getting a few miles in that afternoon. Cheers! Nick