Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 weeks...

This week: 80 MILES, 18,500 gain/loss, 12 hours.  2 days off. 4 PR's from 1.1 to 6 miles.  Tapering now, but still time for 2-3 hard tempo pushes- up to 10 miles.  Only 100 more miles to run...until I run 100 miles.

Boulder Lake Highcountry: Home to the McCall Trailrunning Classic

Climbing toward Buckhorn Summit.  In Idaho, the word summit does not mean highest point of the mountain.  Instead, it means the same as saddle, pass or col.  Basically, a low point between 2 peaks.

View from the top of Boulder Mountain (8378'). 
Boulder Lake (7000')

Under the Boulder Lake "Dam" looking east to Buckhorn Mountain.
Jughandle Mountain. 

Brundage Area Highcountry
Brandi on Goose Lake Road with Granite Mountain above.  Melting fast...won't be long Granite...I'm thinking sub-30 minutes this year.
Brundage Lookout.  Kinda blah, but the view is the bee's knees.  I usually just run on past it to the 100' higher summit a quarter mile north along the ridge. 
McCall, Payette Lakes and Long Valley looking south.
One of the best Lookout crappers I've seen.  Nice stone walkway.  Great view of the Crestline.  If I ever get into Hardrock, or other high altitude race, I'm going to camp up here to get a few thousand feet higher while I sleep.  You can drive up the back side of the mountain- about 8 mile drive from my home.
Western States hot suit at Brundage Reservoir (6400').  75+ Deg F, tights, 2 shirts, windshirt, hat.

Crossing Goose Creek.   Further down the trail, I escaped disaster (sort of) when I fell off an elevated log the bikers built over a muddy section and took a tumble into a pile of sharp sticks.  I got pretty beat up, but it could have been much worse. 

B pushes up Goose Creek Falls Trail.


  1. Great action pics... I think I can hear "Eye of Tiger" playing in the background... ;)

  2. Thanks man. Hope to see you guys soon. Good Western States lyrics...

    "Face to face, out in the heat
    Hanging tough, staying hungry
    They stack the odds 'til we take to the street
    For the kill with the skill to survive

    It's the eye of the tiger
    It's the thrill of the fight
    Rising up to the challenge of our rival
    And the last known survivor
    Stalks his prey in the night
    And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger."

  3. That song is perfect. The picture of you in the tights is HAWT. Exactly what I did prepping for Badwater (but get your sauna and steam room sessions in). My ankle suffered no ill fate after the sprain-CAT scan came back good. Now I'm reaping the benefits of the Sun Valley backcountry-plenty of insane vert and lots of time above 9,000 feet. Just coming back, I'm at 24 miles this week and over 6K of up. Going to set my sights on a fast course this autumn and a new 100 PR. I'm long overdue. Keep on trucking. . .