Sunday, January 1, 2012

McCall Winter Has Arrived

'Bout time.

18' this year.  Dragged it 100 yards to the house from where it stood.  The Old Man's bow saw still gets it done. 
Young Muley Buck looks on at our tree cutting expedition.  He had no fear of us working  around him.  We watched him dance on his hind legs to reach the lichen moss (witch's hair) in the trees above.
Breaking trail at 7500' on Brundage.
Donning the skins in the kitchen.
Brandi pushes up "Main Street" at Brundage in really tough conditions.
On a wonderful sunny day, Brandi and Molly at Brundage Lookout, doing the "Sorority Scrunch."
Weekly Recap 12/25/2011 to 1/1/2012.  A few really good  strength sessions in there: squat, pistol, high-box jumps, tons of core work.

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