Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A visit from our Colorado friends

An action packed 1.5 days for Brendan, Chloe and Sky on their way to visit family in Oregon.

Sled riding in the neighborhood.  Lean times around here for winter sports.
Sweet new wolf gear for Christmas.  Sky continually cranks the volume and dances with his face inches from the speakers.
Brendan reaches The Point at Ponderosa Park, overlooking Payette Lake.  A nice 8.4 mile run on well-packed trails.
Really cool views up there.  Brendan points out the turns he could carve in the steep volcanic rock gullies leading 300' down to the lake.
Brendan flinging arrows in the backyard.  First shot...bullseye.
Little Sky just before a snowy face plant.

First light, Brendan and I skin up Brundage for some quick turns.
Summit shot as we strip the skins and prepare for descent.
The natural order of things:  Women working and men standing around:)  We don't want to get in the way of their French crepe production.   Stack them high, please.  Higher.

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