Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taper Time...

A scant 9 days until the Wild Idaho 50.  Taper is on (as of yesterday), but it is so hard to resist getting up in the mountains in this prime season.  Don't the taper gods understand how long the McCall winter is and how essential it is to scratch the itch before the snows fall?  Skinning is one thing, but cruising some alpine singletrack to a high summit is where it's at!
I did some recon for the race yesterday, running from the Skunk Creek Saddle to East Mountain Lookout and back.  14.05 miles, 2:25, 3350' gain. 
Felt stiff and tired from heaps of mountain running and woodcutting that has occupied my days of late. Made a point to walk many of the hills to see what it would do to my pace and heart rate, breathing, etc.

Typical ATV trail on East Mt, generally fast with some "moondust" here and there.  Lots of short and steep ups and downs.

3 miles in, I spied this spire to the east.  Looks like some nice climbable cracks on there.

Nice view to the east from East Mountain Lookout.  A few ridges over begins the Frank Church WIldeerness.  You can't see in the picture, but I could see some high, snowy summits beyond that farthest visible ridge, that I believed to be in the Sawtooths?

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