Friday, July 22, 2011

Goose Creek Falls Hill Intervals

A simple course accomplished by thousands of tourists each year.  A little spice is added by doing a few all-out 1 mile hill repeats sandwiched between the fairly casual miles to and fro.  Trying to build a little power for my upcoming 50+ mile monster slated for August 6th:

Calling them "falls" is a little generous, here is some stock footage from an autumn hike:

The profile.  Plenty of vert packed into 9 miles:
Nutrition for post interval session recovery is critical. One leading strategy.
My plan is similar: Beer....Brat....Beer'n Brat. 

A master of glycogen reloading at work. 
With swollen stomach, young Robie recharges for his evening mischief.   It's fun doin' hoodrat stuff.

I recharge for a few hours of splitting wood, once the evening cool sets in.  Like Alex Lowe said, "Everything is training."

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