Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Update: 4/8 to 4/14

82.24 miles
17,782' gain
12 hrs 30 mins running
2 strength circuit classes (45 mins each)
3 therapy, massage, PT sessions at gym and home
1 Rest Day, 2 days with only 3 miles each

Really good with week with tons of quality running.  The snow is melting very quickly and the options are opening up daily for better routes.

Oh Lord...Stuck in a Low Dye Again!
I may have found the answer to my shin issues.  I was poking around Youtube looking for shin splint info, as usual.  I found a taping technique called Low Dye taping.  There are tons of videos and lots of different ways to do it, but they all seem pretty similar in effect.  I knew when I took my first step with the tape on that I was on to something.  I woke up with shin pain this morning on my left leg from my effort at Rapid River two days ago- typical.  I was debating whether to warm it up and try to go for a run, or just take another rest day.  When I put the tape on, my foot and posterior tibialis instantly felt normal.  I walked around without any discomfort.  When I started my run, the tape felt tight and rigid, but loosened up a bit as I warmed up.  I ran 10 miles in my normal Scott Trainer 2's, then came home and went out again for another 5 miles in Race Rockers- racing flats.  Both shoes felt fine, but the Rockers felt even better.

This tells me I have a problem with my left arch supporting my stride.  My posterior tibialis tendon and muscle pulls until it agitates the tibia.  I have a very high rigid arch and I have a distinct wear pattern on the outsides of my shoe soles.

This leaves me with many unanswered questions:

*Does the supported arch bringing me relief mean that I over-pronate?
*How can one pronate and supinate at the same time?  Impossible right?
*Is the wear on the outside forefoot of the sole from forefoot breaking (slowing down) while downhill running, then rapidly over-pronating?  This seems like it would tax the posterior tib and it is the downhilling that always worsens the pain.
*Does this mean anti-pronation orthotics would fix this issue?
*Can anyone recommend an extremely light and low volume orthotic that might work?  I have been using a Superfeet pink (lady's) insole.
*Why is this a consistent problem for me from December to June, but not July to November?

In the mean time I'm keeping the tape on and the miles piling up.  11 weeks until Statesmas.


  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Very cool blog. I met you very briefly after the Leona at the campground (after you were forced to flee from your noisy spot to get some sleep!). Just wanted to say a huge 'thanks'. I'm not one to wallow in disappointment (life is way too short for that) but I was baffled by why in the world I was severely cramping after only 4 miles and had to drop by 22 in my first ultra. Your explanation and encouragement were greatly appreciated. I WILL run another ultra and I WILL do it in the Five Fingers and I WILL finish. But, more importantly, I WILL have fun doing it. Cheers and good luck at the Western.

    Tony (Stone) Wasowicz

  2. Great to meet you Stone. I can remember just getting started with the ultra races and feeling really bad when I would under-perform when friends and family came out to see me. I got over that. Sometimes the body just doesn't want to go. Better to save it and go hard when the day is right. I don't know about the 5 Fingers. I have some and I like to do some grassy cooldown jogging in them, but more power to you if you can pull it off. I hope I was able to psych your folks up to come out and see you for another race. You'll have your day in the sun. Train smart, rest more and you will shine.