Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cardio Test on the Weiser River Trail

Key Workout Stats: 
20 miles @ 150-155HR, 2:10 (6:30/mi average), <1000' gain.
3 miles @ 10 min pace.
65 deg F, 18 oz water, 4 VFuels (2 Peach dissolved in water, 2 Vanilla from packets), 1 VESPA Ultra Concentrate

B and I went down to the Weiser River Trail to run the canyon section north of Council and south of New Meadows.  This is approximately 10 miles north of the section of trail where the Weiser River Trail 50K is held. (Race Report from 2011).  The plan was to do a long tempo run of the uphill canyon part- about 1000' vertical until the terrain flattens out on top by the Tamarack Sawmill, then work on a faster "quad seasoning" effort on the downhill.  I had hoped for a tempo/marathon paced effort on the climb, then get what I could on the down.  With everything right, I would extend the effort out to a full marathon.

Everything started out well, with a comfy 7 min pace for the first mile.  I picked it up and the shin was a bit off, so I kept the heartrate at 150 beats, my comfortable all day race pace.  I climbed under good control and the first 10 miles passed with an overall pace of 6:50 and a heartrate no higher than 155.  A few spikes occurred towards the top because the terrain steepened briefly and it was a fierce headwind basically the whole way.  I turned around when I hit a wall of wind at about 4200' altitude just past the sawmill.

I eased into the downhill with concern- as I have not pushed a downhill yet this year for fear of shin injury.  Slowly my splits dropped to 6:30, 6:15, 6:00 and the final three miles were 5:45-5:55 on very gentle downhill at that point- almost flat.  I never went above 150 beats the entire return trip.  Towards the end, my hip flexors were tightening and my shin was weakening, but the power was still flowing.  I opted to stop the workout at the truck to avoid any injury.  I then had some food and jogged 3 more miles to meet Brandi and finish her run with her.

I would rate this effort as very promising- especially on the cardio front.  The miles are coming easier and at lower heartrates.  The engine is ready to rip, but the structure still lags far behind.  As the buildup of intensity continues, I hope to solidify the shins and other tissues to allow the full cardio effort to happen.  Patience!

Scenic Weiser River- flow is picking up from big melting in the past 2 weeks.

Lower section of Canyon- smooth and fast.

B finishing up.

Cool green stuff.  Haven't seen anything green in a while.  Just white mostly. Skunk Cabbage?    I call this stuff the TP plant.
Sharly watches over Payette Lake.  Pretty much the same species as the Loch Ness Monster.  Bred for her skills in magic.   Hundreds of "documented" sightings.

Our marriage spot on the semi-frozen lake.  The Crestline looms above as the backbone of the IMTUF 100.

B stares down Ellie while cranking on the mill.


  1. I simply can't wait for that snow to melt off. The high country is calling. I've been running too many of these boring roads.

    That WRT is nice. I've run the bottom 60, haven't check out the upper third yet. I'll have to sometime. Hope you and Brandi are having an excellent week!

  2. So you actually use skunk cabbage as TP??? You don't find that smell follows you around for the rest of the day?? That's pretty brave!