Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture Catch-up

Just a few pics from what is left of our unfrozen season.

Pinhoti turkey-track pumpkin.  

Shout out.

Droppin' 'em.  Don't hate on the Ryobi 4618 chainsaw.  Sure, it sounds like a crotch-rocket and was made in Bangladesh, but that little rice-burner gets s&*t done and keeps our home from freezing.

Matty at his 50K Frenzy.  6th place.  Watch out for this guy in 2013.

"Seriously Joelle, these shoes run way faster than your Montrails."  
Working the SCOTT booth at the Foothills 50K Frenzy. Boise, ID.

Foothills Frenzy.

Last hunting of the season (during rifle time) with Matty.  Duck Lake. 

Weird hillbilly rant from the 60's, scrawled into this tin sign and way out in the woods.  Little did we know the elk were watching us read this thing and slipping away up the hill.  We gave chase and got close, but to no avail....tag soup for Matty in 2012.

Another run, another fall.  Note the SCOTT brand beer coozie to hold it all together.  "Cool story bro, tell it again."


IMTUF course marking on my last thread.  I hope everyone enjoyed it because it broke me down.  I look my father here, dragging himself home from the steel mill.

Like a ghost.

B receives her ATV rescue at IMTUF.  Molly along for the frozen ride.

Off with the Noob Balance 1010, on with the SCOTT T2.  Always a wise choice.  Quote from Matty, "The New Balance experiment is OVER."

Gotta love Burgdorf.

Strong and beautiful.  Crankin' in the garage.

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  1. Love the pics. When did you guys build a home woodie? Go Brandi, crank that plastic!