Saturday, August 11, 2012

IMTUF 100 Recon, Trail Work and more...

Peak conditions in the McCall high country now.  This is why we put up with all the hardships of the McCall winter.  Just 14 days until the Cascade Crest 100.    Taper mode is on- lots of hiking and a little speed work is all that remains.

Brandi climbs Snowslide Summit.  This is perhaps the roughest climb of the IMTUF 100 course- 2000' feet of rough trail over just 2 miles.  You get a small break along the shores of Snowslide Lake (seen in the background), then more hands of knees chugging to the amazing high pass- see image below.
Brandi atop Snowslide Pass (approx. 7900').  The beautiful and remote Fitsum Peak can be seen to the left in the background.  From here, one can take an un-maintained trail to the gorgeous Maki Lake, or follow the East Fork Lake Fork Trail into the deep canyon below.  The IMTUF 100 course goes into the East Fork Lake Fork drainage and re-emerges from the wilds at Lake Fork Trailhead on Lick Creek Road.
Brandi with trail working implements on the East Fork Lake Fork Trail, just below Snowslide Summit.
B descends toward Snowslide Lake.
Looking East at the Salmon River Mountains from near Campbell's Cow Camp, north of Pollock Mountain.

Looking West at the Seven Devils Mountains from Pollock Mtn.
Pollock Mountain basalt talus cone with the Lookout visible on top.
Katie scrambles up the Jughandle Mountain talus with water bottles in Ba-Donk-A-Donk  position.
It's time!  Location?...a McCall resident never tells.

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  1. love, love, love the pics! I grazed on some huckleberries on an undisclosed trail a few weeks ago up there. Yummy! :) Good luck at CCC and I'm getting more and more excited for IMTUF!