Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Cascade Crest 100

Wow.  I finally put one together.  18:31 for a race that was much tougher than I thought it would be.  What a course!  Huge thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.  My man Matt Tock put down almost 50 miles with me- rock solid.  My crew- Brandi, Katie, Henry and Naomi were amazing.  In the end, vandalism forced us to run an extra 2+ miles, missing the course record by a mere 4 minutes.  I finished with 6:40 miles on the road after running all night.  Can't believe we did it without the wheels coming off.

A full race report to come.


  1. Solid race out there. You were smokin' at Blowout and kept it together all night long. Sucks about the finish but at least you got 2nd fastest time ever by, oh, 3 seconds. Eager to see your full write up. Congratulations.

    1. Yeah, we had no idea about the record pace until Silver Creek, when we were told we had about 15 minutes on it. We had a great time out there and the craziness at the end was pretty cool too. We ran all day for fun and to push ourselves, so who cares if we tried the record and failed in the last few miles. The run was INCREDIBLE! It was cool meeting you out there and maybe we can toe the line together someday. My wife Brandi and my pacer's girlfriend Katie were out at mile 75 and said they saw you there. They were drinking beer and having fun and glad to see a guy out there in the spooky Cascade night. Not sure what you were up to out there, but Hope that sandwich they made for you hit the spot. Cheers.

    2. Adam, what flashlight were you toting around out there? My wife tells me it is super bright and we need to buy it for her first 100 in October.