Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sponsor Shout-out

Been trolling the melting slopes of Brundage Mountain Resort lately for lost treasure.  Lots of powder baskets and hats- random gloves.  Some dude's debit card.  Today I found this little gem:

Training for Ultras in the high peaks is serious business.  That's why when I get an "ultra" sized thirst for cinnamon whiskey, I reach for the only cinnamon whiskey with the Devil on the label (33% Satan's urine by volume).  It's thick and syrupy and burns going down, so when I guzzle it, I know it's working. Fireball brand Cinnamon Whiskey- "Run Like the Devil"

Borat voice...My wife.

Gnarly trees live a tough life above 8K in Idaho.

Jughandle, North Face.


  1. Sweet find. Breakfast of champions. Too bad it is such a small bottle.