Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More IMTUF 100 Recon: Victor, Loon and Twenty Mile Creek Megaloop

A cold and blustery day at the office- a full 8 hour, 35 mile day of IMTUF100 research.  The first truly cold snap of the year with alpine temps below 20F.  Victor Creek is a superb trail cresting the 8K' Diamond Ridge with views of the stunning Diamond Rock.  Loon Lake was beautiful as ever, but the Loon Creek drainage was an unending bushwhack.  Definitely needs some TLC from the forest service (Tender Loving Chainsaws).  That 11 mile stretch took almost 4 hours.  I was soaked to the bone after repeated crossings and one slip and fall. Twenty Mile Creek was awesome as always- fast footing, big views and wildlife.

Victor Creek Trail #117. Looking east toward the North Fork of the Payette River, Burgdorf and its surrounding peaks. 

Looking West from Diamond Ridge at Victor (L) and Storm (R) Peaks.

Diamond Rock.  Looks prime for some first ascents on golden granite.

Victor Creek Trail heading toward Loon Lake.  This is what I love about Idaho- you move between burned areas, Alpine ridges, to deep dark old growth forests.  Never gets boring.

Beginning the slog up Look Creek.  Looking toward the big alpine peaks of North and South Loon .

Higher into Loon Creek, meadows abound.

The stunning west faces of the Loon Peaks.

Twenty Mile Creek elk.  Two young cows.

The last traces of light capture the peaks I have traversed all day.

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