Friday, November 4, 2011

IMTUF 100 Recon: A Day on Bear Pete Mountain

B and I headed up to Burgdorf for another day of fun in the peaks.  We climbed up Nethker Creek to the shoulder of the gigantic Bear Pete Mountain.  Lots of great views and cold, windy weather greeted us on top.  Winter is clearly on its way.  A soothing soak in the World Famous Burgdorf Hotsprings finished off the day.

Climbing Nethker Creek Trail.

Wolverine or Badger?  The tracks clearly show 5 clawed toes- so not a bear, lion or wolf.  I sent the pics to the Idaho Fish and Game, who are doing a wolverine study.  We'll she what they say.

Our summit for the day on the ridge.  Black Tip, Bruin , Hard Butte and a myriad of other peaks to the Southwest.

B motors along the ridge with views of the Salmon River breaks in the background.

Ahhh Burgdorf.  100+F in the water and 20F out of it.

Upper Payette Lake with the 20 Mile drainage (Left) and Storm Peak (Right) visable.

Payette Lake at Dusk with Osprey Point of Ponderosa State Park.  Lots of Tamaracks showing golden glory.

Post run hydration is critical.  Robie is keen on this.

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