Friday, September 16, 2011

Duck Lake and Hum Lake Loop

I set off for a 35+ mile run deep into the Lick Creek Range near Lick Creek Summit.  Bushwhacking and non-existent trails cut the run short to around 13 miles.  Oh well, the country was beautiful, the huckleberries were bountiful and the day was still a great success.  To those who say the huckleberry crop is weak this year, you should really see it above 7,000'.  Unbelievable.

Sawtooth Peak from Lick Creek Road

Looking down on Hum Lake form the pass above Duck Lake

Hum Lake.  The path I came in on is on the right side of photo.  The path shown on maps from Hum Lake is not there.  Pure bushwhack from here on out.

Looking east into the North Fork Lick Creek drainage.

Unnamed peak above Loon Creek headwaters.

Loon Creek drainage with South Loon and North Loon Peaks towering above.

Gorgeous Duck Lake: 1 more easy mile to the truck.

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