Friday, September 9, 2011

Bull Elk

More words to come, need to see taxidermist and catch up on sleep.  Got 5 hours last night- none the night before.  Finished butchering and the meat is in great shape in the freezer- maybe 350 lbs.    Here are a few pics.  So happy that B was able to join me on this amazing experience.  She was a real trooper and stayed tough to the end.

In a nutshell:  We went out for an evening hunt on Tuesday  9/6/2011, to return after dark.  I got into a bugling contest with the bull and he came in after 5 minutes or so.  I got him on a 20 yard shot, while he faced me (frontal shot).  He expired in less than one minute after going 50 yards. We tracked him after dark and found him after some difficulty finding the initial blood trail.  We processed him all night in the cold and carried him out in three, 8 mile roundtrips.  I carried over 100 lbs each time.  He was 100% on ice in the truck within 20 hours of the shot.  Not bad for rookies with zero hunting experience. 


B endures the punishing, heartbreaking reality of another brutal carry.  After zero sleep, this sort of thing truly tests one's soul.

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