Monday, October 19, 2015

Sawtooth Bow Tie

The Sawtooth Bow Tie.  A 46 mile figure 8 loop with a bit of extra credit to the Imogene Pass making a 48 mile day with a lot of climbing.  I ran steady but allowed plenty of photo breaks. 8hrs 29mins run time.  It has been a while since I have been over 20 miles from the truck and over 20 miles from anything in any direction.  That is the beauty of Idaho "capital dubya" Wilderness.  So much open space.  I bumped into one guy and his dog out there.  Perfect.

Petit Lake near camp.  B and I went for a 6 miler around camp to shake off the drive and get ready for the next big day.  I ran alone and B was joined by Katie.

Alpine start yields magic light at Alice Lake.

Two billies.  All the goats I have been around in Colorado were pretty tame and personable.  Not these guys.  They are obviously hunted and they disappeared in seconds.

Pristine fill up in the headwaters of the South Fork of the Payette River at 9,000'.  I live very near the North Fork of the Payette headwaters.  It was cool to see the South Fork.

So many lakes.  

Virginia Lake.

I went left and climbed up to the pass above Imogene.

Very fortunate to have the weather hold.  T-shirts at almost 10,000 in Idaho in October is a rarity.

Imogene Lake.  Next time I will explore this central trail that cuts through the heart of the Sawtooths, north to south.


  1. Wow..!! Must be the wonderful experience... Excellent images as well. Simply loving the view.
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    1. Thanks for the spam, Bella Steve. I think spammers are the only ones reading this rag. If I ever come to the Emirates for an event and need planning, I will look you up.

  2. Haha, awesome spammer reply! Any hunting stories to share this year?

  3. Pretty pictures! Looks like a nice run.

  4. Can I ask you of what was your route for this run? Pettit Lk, Alice Lk down over to Toxiaway Lk. Up Sands Pass then where?

    1. Hi Brad,
      Sorry for the delay. Been elk hunting and busy with race directing. From Sands Pass, I went up to Lake Ingeborg and other lakes, then down to South Fork Payette River, turn right, climb back up to Sand Pass, an out and back to the pass that heads north into the center of the Sawtooths (name?), then Toxiway and complete the loop back to Petit.