Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12- 18: Almost like training...not quite.

Totals: 70 miles, 21,000 vert.

5/12:  90 min massage, then 7 mile trail run (1000' vert) at Bear Basin.  First run this year on local trails, even if they are the lower ones.  Still some snow here and there, but good enough for the girls I go with!

5/13:  Brundage Skin and Ski 3 laps 4800'.  2 hard laps in 24-25 mins each, then 1 easier lap with Brandi.  Sweet, sunny spring conditions.  Mega dosage of Vitamin D today!

5/14: Brundage Skin and Ski 1 lap easy, then Goose Creek Falls Trail 3.5 miles.  2750' vert.

5/15: 12 miles, 4000' vert run with Jacob in Rapid River.  Up and down Rattlesnake plus some more miles in the East Fork Rapid River.  Camped at Trailhead w/Jacob.

5/16: 10 mile Mountain Bike (Wildhorse Loop), then 5 hour/19 mile/7000' vert run in Rapid River.  85deg F and super humid.  Tough day with lots of snow, bushwhacking and route-finding.  With 10 miles to go, I found some morel mushrooms and decided to eschew my water and fill my bottle with shrooms.  A memorable dehydration bonk ensued with dizziness and racing heartrate, but at least I have something to take home to the wife besides a sunburn. Another humbling thumping at the hands of Rattlesnake Hill.  All hills that matter or have meaning must have a nickname. I have taken to calling this one the "Commute," as it is the necessary evil of tangling with the canyon.  Camped at Trailhead w/Jacob.

5/17: Fartlek/Tempo run at Wildhorse with Jacob.  8 miles/1000' vert.  3 harder fartlek miles in the 6 min pace range on rolling hills.  Felt great to shift gears from humping 20% grades to some actual striding out.  Very happy with how the legs responded after yesterday's beating.  Drove home and went straight to the Donnelly Fire Dept BBQ Fundraiser.  Threw down with heaping piles of primo smoked meats and picnic fixins. 

5/18: Rainy/cold GYM day.  40 minutes Pool Running (DWR): 5 mins warmup, 30 minutes of 30 seconds sprint/ 30 seconds easy, 5 minutes easy cooldown.  40 minutes Spin Bike: 2 minutes easy and 2-3 minutes out of saddle in top resistance.  Went pretty hard today and lost touch with sanity on a few of the pool intervals.  Finished with an hour of plyometric box jumps, core work and stretching/rolling.  Solid day.

Quarter mile to go on the "Commute."  Photo by Jacob Robinson.
Still skinning. Pretty psyched to see what my summer peak looks like when stacked on top of a skiing base.  Every season is an experiment with an unknowable outcome.  I feel that the strength gained from repeated climbs of over 30% slopes will tip the odds in my favor to enjoy a healthy and satisfying year.

Rippin' spring corn with Brandi on a 70 degree day.

Bike, ski,or run?  Yes please!
Ski Fox trying to poach some food.  I don't feed wild animals, but he sure is cute.
Payette Lake and the Crestline Trail to the north.  Brandi and I were married right at this spot.
Jacob biking the Wildhorse Loop above the East Fork of Rapid River canyon.
Jacob climbing the 1000' feet per mile slope of Wyant Creek.

Rapid River.  I have been trying to open this loop for 3 years, but snow has always stopped me.  Rattlesnake TH, down to Wyant Camp, up Wyant Creek to Bryan Mountain, down to Potter Place and the West Fork of RR, back the East Fork of RR, up to Rattlesnake TH to finish.  10 mile mountain bike warmup.  Big day.  I have one more mega loop proj down there this year.  Should be ready by mid-June.

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