Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bro Time

My BFF Nick came to visit from Colorado.  We caught up on some video gaming, steelheading, sushi slaying, and Lobo chasing.  Most of all it was just great to catch up and shoot the shit with someone I love.  I have been living a pretty isolated existence of hardening myself for the rigors of running 100 miles in the mountains.  My Brandi is a constant source of strength and the person that I rely on for my sanity...but some guy time is still important.  I have let many facets of life slip through the cracks of fatigue and the grinding rhythm of training.  It is fantastic to have great friends that don't turn their back on me because I disappear for a while.  Nick is a solid guy- a Firefighter/Paramedic and true Renaissance Man.  He has been with me through every high and low in my life since we met in the 9th grade.  I owe him so much.  He will be captaining an aid station for me at the McCall Trailrunning Classic, next time I see him in July. 

Over Nick's right shoulder is a huge her of elk- just 200 yards away.  A nasty, windy, sleety day of hunting. 

Nick and our Guide Jess with Nick's wild steely.

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