Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Photo Reminiscing

Ran and exercised today- first time in over 3 weeks- unless you count fetching 6 cords of firewood.  Feeling great.  Doesn't feel like I missed a step.  Can't wait to get my training going with purpose.  For now, just easing back into the game.  Yoga, Circuit Classes, treadmill, nordic, stepmill, skin and ski, pool running.  This is my winter.  Working on my racing schedule next year.  Exciting stuff.

Been looking at some old time pics- from adventures of yesteryear.  Sitting around playing Playstation isn't worth photoing, so I'll throw some older shots up there.  Enjoy.

Diamond of Longs Peak, CO.  5.10 climbing at 14,000 feet is no joke.

Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park, CO.  Trying to rap the Nose Route in a looming storm, we encounter this guy at the base.   What do we do- face the storm or face this bear?  The storm fizzled out before it got to us and we hung out and watched this guy for an hour.

Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO.  Running up to Lone Eagle Peak on the west side of the IPW, I bumped into him not long after leaving the truck at first light.  He was very mad and had I not found a boulder to climb, I think he would have stomped me to death. 

Jah Man on Sister Superior, Moab, UT.  We ascended the soupy cloud bank into blinding sunshine.  Awesome climb and beautiful day in the desert.

At the base of Jah Man, Sister Superior tower, Moab, UT.

Brandi in the early squeeze chimney on Jah Man.

Time Wave Zero 5.12.  Potrero Chico, Mexico.  This 3000+ foot climb was great fun to the top of the Toro Peak.  We speed climbed it in about 8 hours round-trip (climb and rappel). Back in plenty of time for Cervesa at camp.

Atop Time Wave Zero, Potrero Chico, Mexico. 

Childhood's End 5.12, Big Rock Candy Mountain, South Platte, CO.
One of my favorite Colorado climbs with Brandi.  Physical and scary, this proud line runs 1500' or so feet through perfect granite to a great summit atop the dome.  The admission fee is long runouts on 5.10 and 5.11 slab climbing and a tough 5.12 crux.  No one around for miles.  I will never forget adventures like this.
Dogma 5.11c, Red Rock Canyon, Vegas, NV.  Great 2500+ foot climb on Mt. Wilson.

The business on Dogma.  Fingery and gently-overhanging for a long way- I am just getting to the summit or plummet move where you latch a big hold or fly about 40 feet.  I sent.  B sent too.  Awesome day.

B on Serenity Crack 5.10d, Yosemite, CA.

B in the midst of the Northwest Face of Halfdome 5.12c A1, Yosemite, CA.  We fired it in 13 hours- climbing as fast as we could for the 2000+ foot route.  Very committing.

Thank God Ledge, NW Face of HalfDome.  After 2000' of climbing the route hits a steep and blank spot.  Thankfully, Thank God Ledge traverses 100 feet left providing a reasonable passage to the last pitch.  Royal Robbins first did this pitch on the first ascent of the route in the 50's and said "Thank God."
B after finishing of the "Scenic Cruise" at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Long, hot and tough- we were glad to be out of that Hell Hole.  Gunny is known as "Yosemite...for grown-ups."  An intimidating place to climb for sure.

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