Sunday, October 20, 2013


Not much running going on lately- 5 or 6 runs since the Bear.  The energy is great now- but I'm still very cautious of any lingering issues.  Every run has been a fast tempo effort of 8 to 14 miles and a PR with each one.  The pace of these runs indicates my peak is still on.  Lots of hunting and wood cutting, splitting and stacking.  Very committed clean eating lately.

Javelina is next Saturday. I will certainly have my hands full there.  I have always wanted to run a faster hundo than the mountainous ones I usually do.  Something different.  There was a time when my snobbish purism would not allow me to consider doing a loop course.  I guess I fell deeper in love with running and want to experience all of its nuances.  The course makes six 15.3 mile loops, then a 9 mile loop for 101 miles total.  The terrain is desert washes and sandy rollers.  5000 feet gain and 5000 loss.  It has been cold here in McCall, so the heat will be an issue.  I enjoy this type of running when I visit the desert in the winter- so it should be fun.  Hopefully I can recover quickly and get back to my mountains.  I still have a few projects I'd like to play on before the snows come in earnest.

Duck Lake, IMTUF100
A fine day with my wife. 

B hunts the alpine
Big, fresh wolf trax.

March 2013.  Visit to Phoenix and climb Thunderbird Peak.  We are limbering up for the climb.  The Rhodes kids will be my crew next Saturday.  We love our annual visit with the Rhodes family.  This year we are lucky to visit and do a great race.  Let's see- 7 laps and 4 high fives per lap, that's 28 high fives.
Peace.  Rhodes kids atop Thunderbird Peak.

1/4 ton pickup my ass. This Chevy Colorado was once the Old Man's.  He was a famous Chevy lite duty truck abuser.  He had S-10's with 300K on them.  He would be pretty psyched with the shenanigans I've pulled in his rig.  I just rolled over 100K miles since it became mine in 2005.  Sweat and game blood ground into the seats, trashed suspension from crazy overloads, tailgate barely works, I change the oil every 7500 miles, right headlight is held in place by IMTUF 100 reflector tape...great truck.

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