Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Half of August 2013

A day on Nick Peak with B
Nick Peak stands at 9100' and demands 4000' of climbing with 3000' of that off trail.  With a "no falls" chimney to cap it off, the peak is one of the best I have climbed in Idaho.  We raced a powerful storm approaching from the south.  B is in serious IMTUF100 training. 
She's ready.

Finally out of the 3000' vertical bushwhack.

Final granite spire.


Just below the left/north side of the "Nick" in the top.  It is the right side of the Nick that is the summit.
Summit scramble.
Lightning crashes, but the withered tree survives.
Summit ridge near Fitsum Summit.

Fitsum drainage.

I see the Nick!

Running with friends...

Matt, Katie, B and I above Box Lake on smoky day.  Fires in Boise have been sending smoke 100+ miles north to us.  meanwhile the Payette National Forest stands basically fire-less. 

18 year old McCall Keller on Fall Creek trail.  This kid can run- 4:24 mile, 1:59 800.  We have been running together the past 3 summers.  Great guy and an great friend.

McCall on the Crestline Trail.  His previous long run was 13.  We knocked out almost 19 miles with 5000' gain on this day.

McCall is 6'7".  Box peak is barely visible behind him.  Crestline Trail.

Another meadow below Box Peak.

McCall Climbs out from the Box Lake Cirque.

McCall on Boulder Peak- McCall Trailrunning Classic 40 Mile Course.

McCall at Louie Lake.

Brandi and Eva at Box Lake

Eva at Box Lake Pass.
Ok, which one is 15??? 
Eva contemplating her sophomore CC season?


  1. I've got a Clark Peak in my county but no Nick Peak that I'm aware of. That could be a fun running road trip, starting on Nick Peak and ending on Clark.

    Anyway ... saw your note on iRF recently. Not sure if your pacing offer still stands, but I could use some help if it does. No worries if not (I see you're doing RRR the next weekend).

    Drop me a line at nickclarka ... gmail

  2. I tried to email you. Got a failure notice. Want to talk through the plan a bit. Definitely interested. Email me. first name underscore last name at yah...