Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Life is busy in the summer- here is a quick update on what Brandi and I have been doing.

My Running:  Getting back to normal.  Keeping volume low but my tempo runs are still blowing my old PR's out of the water.  That tells me I may have a good 100 in me this fall.  Probably Run Rabbit Run.  Lots of lingering aches and pains from Western, so I'm being really patient.

McCall Trailrunning Classic: We had over 200 runners compete in our 10/20/40 mile races on July 13.  The weather was perfect and Jug Mountain Ranch was the perfect setting.  I am working on a race report for Ultrarunning Mag.  A few notable storylines...Local Caleb Zurstadt came out of retirement and dominated the 40 mile in wire to wire fashion.  Also, several runners were attacked by a Goshawk.  This is a super aggressive raptor and close cousin to this beast of the skies:

I was strafed by him as I marked the course a few days before the race.  He screamed and made a few half-hearted passes above me.  All bark, no bite.  By Saturday, he had enough.  The Goshawk took shots all day at the runners heads and inflicted a few scratches.  One trucker hat was snatched and taken to the trees.  The McClassic Goshawk is greedy- very greedy.  Then, a few days later, I was cleaning the trail markings and he came for me like the blood thirsty killing machine that he is.  He swooped and missed and I took off with adrenaline flowing.  All got silent for 20-30 seconds, as I got back into rhythm and thinking about my run.  Suddenly, I was struck at the base of my skull by a blunt force and I was thrown into the huckleberry bushes- dazed and mostly unconscious.  I came to a few seconds later to see the Goshawk laying on the trail sideways, flapping his wings and trying to get his wits.  He had knocked himself silly too.  He got into a nearby tree and looked at me with his head cocked, begging me to make the next move.  I slipped away with a terrible headache and fear in my heart...knowing I had to come back that way to get home.  Sure enough, an hour later, he wanted some more.  I heard the tell-tale shrieking and felt the wind from his powerful wings above my head.  I grabbed the biggest log I could and waved it above my head as I tried to run away.  I growled and tried to sound ferocious..but I was sure he remembered me as the same chump he just knocked out. 

I'm not going up there for a little while.

IMTUF 100:  On August 30-31, 2013, we will hold the second running of the IMTUF 100.  It could be a historical day for our sport.  Trying to avoid the hype machine and keep it low-key...so have a look around and you may figure out what I am talking about.  I am having trouble believing it is true.  But it is!

Stay Vertical Cross Country Camp:  This Sunday through Friday, Brandi and I are hosting a girls cross country training camp in McCall.  The girls of Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, CA took third in last years D5 state championship meet.  We are sharpening them for another run at the crown.  Very rewarding to work with such smart and hard-working young women. 

Some pics from the past month:

B at the top of Squaw Valley Resort in some wind.

SCOTT Trail Rocket- 2014 prototype.  Look out!

Molly being 21 at Squaw.  I had a great team for the race.  No stopping the positive energy.

The race hasn't started yet and things already look fuzzy for me.

Forresthill, CA, 8th place.  100K, 13,000+ gain, 10:25, 105 Deg F...but like they say, the race hasn't even started yet.  Matty and I ready for one last rally.  We would catch Hal K a few miles later, then have it all come apart getting to the river.  Thanks again for coming out and sharing that with me, man.  I owe you more than one!

Katie on chainsaw duty in lake Fork- McClassic 40 mile course.  The hawk lies just below.

After a long day of trailwork on the McClassic course, Matty proposes at Louie Lake.  I nominate him most romantic caveman ever!
Matty Tock.   Shows up at the McClassic after another 100+F degree day of high-angle tree work.  He podium'ed by making a pass in the final mile.  He has no chin...under that beard lies only another chainsaw.  Solid dude.
B at Louie Lake on a long, hot run.
Uhhhh, this isn't like normal cross country practice.  The team on Brundage Mountain.

At the summit after an interval climbing session.

Idaho batholith choss wrangling.

Slab Butte.


  1. The bird threw down big time! I have mad respect for raptors.
    That video was awesome!
    Sweet header pic.

  2. That bird is my hero. Somewhere out there is a nest with fledglings he is willing to die for.

    The header reminds me that September is close and I have to make sure to tend to my nest.

  3. Typical animal parent. A bear will rip you in half to protect her cub. A buffalo would stomp you 3 feet under. I get that.

  4. Nice job you two. Sorry to miss the big parties in McCall (July and August) :( Enjoy :)

    1. Hi Lynette. Have fun with the Hobbits. McCall will still be here when you get home.