Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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I am excited to announce that I have signed on with VFuel to be my one and only source of energy gel! 
This was no easy nut to crack.  They are a small start-up and these guys get after it.  I had to track them down over a period of months, begging and pleading to get their attention and let them know I was not accepting "NO" as an answer.  I had a few run-ins with their product in 2012.  Josh Arthur gave me a few after the Cascade Crest 100 and in October, Eric Lee gave me a bag full at my IMTUF 100 race.  This was enough.  There was no going back.   I am still learning why it works so well.  Lots of sciencey stuff to devour.  A full review is forthcoming, with a give away contest.  

For now, I am sure of 3 things:

1.  Best taste.  No comparison.  Vanilla and Peach Cobbler are without equal.  As a gel eater/100 miler, this is #1 in my book.  No garbage gut in the world can consume 50 gels a day if they taste bad.  FACT!

2. The fat (MCT Oil) in the gel means I need to eat it less frequently.  

3. The consistency is perfect for mixing into water bottles or adding to gel flasks.  Drains easily and completely from a flask at -15F.  Try a Hammer Gel at -15F.  Like taffy.


  1. Right on! Welcome. The things you point out are probably the most important ones to me too. I've been using them since last August and haven't looked back. Best gels on the market, offered up by guys who care about what goes into them. Hope to bump into you at a race sometime.

  2. Tim,

    I met you at that debacle in Moab in October 2011. We ran together a bit early on. I plan to race in Colorado this year- maybe RRR100 or UROC. Hope to meet up then. Are you going to Western?

  3. Wow, that was a cluster of a race in Moab. My 50k was 65k... Whatever. Felt a little sorry for the RD.

    Nope on WS. Doing Zion in 4 weeks, MTB endurance races and training high all in prep for the Leadman Series. If I still have interest in even looking at a trail after that, I'll likely do Bear 100.

  4. Hey Jeremy will you have any of these at the PF run this weekend?

  5. For you, sure. I'll bring some along. You're running 24 hours this weekend!!! Didn't you just run 100 least week!!!

    You definitely need VFuel;)

  6. Yes, but I'm not racing. This is the funnest event ever. AND I feel fine. Nothing like after BH last year. I've given myself permission to sleep, sit, zombie walk, crawl, drool or whatever I need. :) I'll see you and Brandi when you guys do your six! I do have a lot of nutritional stuff I need to figure out. Fueling is my nemesis to 100's!!!