Sunday, February 19, 2012

A big week!

My new wife.  Wow, hot.

My new mistress.  She's 40..............percent grade that is.
At 40% pitch, that's 2112 feet of ascent per mile.  Imagine a never ending Hope Pass summit push.  The beautiful thing is you can program any map you want to run and it shows you running on it in Google Maps.  If it is a road run, then you even can run with a Street View.  This week, I ran the Grand Canyon river to South Rim, several laps of Brundage and Granite Peaks near home and some big climbs on the Bighorn 100 course.  This was my first week of running since the ankle injury and it's coming along fine.  Probably a few more weeks until 100%. I'm sticking with the 'mill until it is totally stable and trustworthy.

Best thing about getting married- the 10 lbs of carrot cake!

Weekly report: A ridiculous 602 feet of gain per mile!  All treadmill.  I'll take it.  Lots of good strength and rehab sessions too.   


  1. that is some great treadmill work, and wow, that thing has some serious grade that's for sure. pretty slick

  2. Thanks man. I am still just an apprentice at the dark art of faux running. When I get enough experience points I may try running- except that instead of real running- you run on a road like where cars go. Whatever it takes to get through the winter.