Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rapid River West Fork

Big training run with huge altitude gain: 9000' over 25.2 miles.  Felt strong just 1 week after Pocatello.  103 miles in the last 8 days!

Few miles from the TH, the trail climbs above the rocky cliffs and roaring river

8 miles from the trailhead (4200'), looking down on the McRea Cabin from the nice meadow above.

Inside the rustic cabin.  Camping is allowed here.  Really cool place.

The only elk I spied on my run.

The prized morel mushroom.  If I had a garbage bag, I could have filled it.  Instead, I stuffed my shorts and made it to the McRea Cabin and got some ziplocks to carry them.  In all, I toted them for 10 miles down the trail.

Bushwack section through a burned out area at miles 10-12 cut me up pretty nice.  Notice the black ash on my legs.

The bounty on the cutting board at home.  Delicious with my breakfast eggs.

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