Sunday, May 15, 2011

The "hay is in the barn"

Two weeks until Pocatello and as some would say, "the hay is in the barn" at this point.  Put in lots of miles lately around Fish Lake.  It is around 4700' and the surrounding climbs go up to 5600' and are mostly melted out and runbable. 

Basecamp from the truck for resupply between loops. 

The Seven Devils Mountains will need another 60 days to be ready.

Delicious wapiti!  I stopped my watch and stalked them for a while.  

I spooked them and they took off up the hill toward the ridgetop.  I climbed the ridge to their right in this photo and cut them off 500' above, surprising them completely and in perfect postion.  I will see them again on Aug 30...

Post run chillin with B.  A cold soak in the lake takes the soreness out of the legs, and some sunning and trout fishing close out the day.  70 degrees is nice after a long, hard McCall winter.

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