Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 IMTUF 100 and autumn plans

IMTUF has come and gone in a blur.  I am working on a write up for Ultrarunning Mag, so not much to put on here except:

1. We had excellent weather and a solid finisher rate,
2. Our runners raved about the course and its markings,
3.  I can and WILL do better for 2014.  Learn, grow, improve...the third iteration of IMTUF will be better than ever.

The images from the day are just becoming available, but here is one that the world needs to see.  A beautiful and touching portrayal of a champion after a long day in the Idaho high country.  Blood, sweat and tears.  This is what IMTUF is all about.  Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us.

Photo Credit: Tony Salazar of Tempus Photo Design

I'm off to pace at Wasatch, then a bit more running after that.  Then, some more.  Then, it's home to chase the elk around the mountains near McCall. 

Few more pics...

New Hampshire's Adam Wilcox ready to take his first 100 mile win.

Brandi and Dean Gavin.  Dean flew in from Australia for the race.

Scott McCoubrey.  Held down the fort at Duck Lake- huge thanks and great to have a legend of the sport out there watching over things.

Matt Burrell.  This guy might be the funniest person I  have ever met.  Easy going and strong, he styled the 100 with his "Tracy McGrady" baggy shorts.  It just so happened that IMTUF was on his way to Rhode Island, so he really had no choice whether to do it or not.  I hope I see this guy at another race someday.  Total character.

Middle of the night aid station chit chat with Dennis and Katie.

From this day forth, Pocatello's Kelly Lance will be known as the "Suffer Machine."  He took second (again) this year while battling all sorts of misery.  Here, his wife Michelle rubs Vick's on his very sick chest.  I have never seen anyone take so much punishment and keep rallying again and again.  Incredible.  I am in awe of you pal.

Boise's Jayk Reynolds will soon be featured with Apolloo Ohno and Jared on the Subway commercials.  I watched him take down at least 2 footlongs on route to a 3rd place finish in his 100 mile debut.


  1. That's Ann isn't it? Legend...
    Help bring Nick home with the win!!!!

  2. The one and only.

    Been a way a while. I'm sure you've heard that Nick won it. Another legend. Cool to watch it go down and see how the pro's do it.